About Jonathan

Jonathan Bagwell is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. Jonathan is the youngest of three siblings born to Floyd and Myrtle Bagwell. Jonathan attended elementary school at Northwest Jones and the Bridlepath school in West Hartford. Jonathan went on to attend the prestigious Watkinson School a famed New England prep school in Hartford.

While at Watkinson Jonathan gained a wealth of knowledge which he asserts developed a knowledge basis for life. Jon points to friendships he made at Watkinson that he has retained into adulthood.

Not immune from the taint of racism in America, Jonathan experienced racism while at Watkinson but was able to navigate it with the assistance of teachers and administrators at the school. Jonathan was a varsity letterman and was senior class SGA president. After graduating from Watkinson, Jonathan opted to attend Norfolk State University in part because he wanted to partake in the unique experience of attending an HBCU. At Norfolk State Jonathan was a Political Science major with an emphasis in Public Administration. Under the mentorship of great educators like Dr. William P. Robinson, Rudolph Gordon, and Dr. Elsie Barnes.

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At NSU Jonathan was an active member of the Spartan community where he was associated with the student government association, the debate team, and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha the oldest African American college fraternity. After an extended period of wanderlust, which took Jon on a path of entrepreneurship, community service and an interaction with the justice system, Jonathan returned to Norfolk Sate where he graduated with honors.

Jonathan was raised in the church from an early age. His maternal uncle who had a significant influence on Jonathan was a local elder (minister) in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Jonathan’s family worshipped with his uncle at his various assignments which included, Greenwich, Ct, Providence, RI and Hartford, CT.

In addition to various entrepreneurial ventures, Jonathan is a partner at The Phoenix Group, a Virginia based consulting firm. Jonathan has been accepted into the Harvard University graduate school where he will pursue a Master’s in Government. Jonathan is an avid reader and student of history and politics. He counts among his heroes, Supreme Court Justice, Thorogood Marshall, Social Commentator W.E.B Dubois and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. Jonathan claims as his most significant achievement his children. In addition to an active work and community engagement life, Jonathan has recently become an advocate for healthy living and has embraced a pescatarian diet and in the last year has lost 80 pounds.